Satin Silk Scarves & Shawls

Black orange two color satin silk scarves from india

Blue black silk scarf


blue black two color satin silk scarves from india

Orange black silk scarf


Red pink two color satin silk scarves from india

Red pink silk scarf


Light pink black two color satin silk scarves from india

Light pink silk scarf


Lavender turquoise reversible color silk scarves from india

Lavender turquoise reversible silk scarf


Indigo black two color satin silk scarves from india

Indigo reversible silk scarf


Navy Black two color satin silk scarves from india

Navy black pure silk scarf


Brown two color satin silk scarves from india

Dark brown turquoise silk scarf


Green black two color satin silk scarves from india

Green black silk scarf


yellow turquoise silk scarf made in india

Yellow turquoise silk scarf


red blue two color satin silk scarves from india

Red/Blue metallic reversible silk scarf


Steel grey pink two color satin silk scarves from india

Grey Pink silk scarf


Black orange two color satin silk scarves from india

Yellow pink reversible silk scarf


BYellow pink reversible silk scarf from india

Blue black silk scarf


green beige reversible two color satin silk scarves from india

Green beige silk scarf


Black silver two color satin silk scarves from india

Silver black silk scarf


Orange charcoal bold check satin silk scarves from india

Blue reversible silk scarf


multi color vertical stripes silk scarves from india

Vertical stripes reversible silk scarf


beige pink satin silk scarves from india

Beige Pink reversible silk scarf


Orange charcoal bold check satin silk scarves from india

Orange grey check silk scarf


Violet red check satin silk scarf shawl at wholesale price

Violet Red Satin Scarf


Gold Egyptian scarf with black stripes in pure silk

Gold Egyptian Striped Silk Scarf


Vivid pink purple reversible silk stole

Pink/purple reversible silk stole


Blue/Beige Two sided, double faced silk scarf

Blue/Beige Two sided silk scarf


Dark blue gold two faced mulberrry silk stole

Dark blue/gold silk scarf


Bright red beige reversible satin silk scarves, import silk scarf from @shawlheaven

Bright red/Beige both sided silk scarves


Luxury Violet/Beige silk shawl, reversible style

Violet/Beige Silk shawl


Silver/Black reversible satin silk stole, buy bulk scarves wholesale @shawlheaven

Silver/Black Silk Stole


Blue Black metallic finish both sided silk shawl

Blue/Black Mettalic Finish Silk Shawls


Cyan/Turquoise and Black metallic finish pure silk scarves

Cyan Blue/Black metallic silk scarves


Dark tan/black authentic silk scarf, buy silk scarves wholesale from india

Dark tan/black authentic silk scarfs


Red/Black two color reversible silk shawl wrap

Red/Black Shawl wrap


Red and Turquoise Silk scarf reversible

Red/turquoise Silk Scarfs


Violet/Red Ombre silk scarf, buy from supplier/exporter Tri Star Overseas

Violet/red silk scarfs


Fuchsia/Red reversible stole in pure silk, import online from indian supplier

Fuchsia/Red reversible stole in pure silk


Blue/Yellow lime double sided oem silk scarf india

Blue/Yellow lime mulberry scarf


Aqua/Lime Silk scarf wrap, buy satin stoles & scarves from Tri Star Overseas

Aqua/Lime Silk scarf wrap


Red/Gold Bright color silk scarf, buy at wholesale price from Tri star overesas

Red Gold Bright silk wrap


Pink/Beige metallic silk shawl with tassels

Pink/Beige silk shawl


Violet/Black silk scarf, mulberry silk reversible scarf collection @shawlheaven

Violet/Black two color silk stole


Dark Magenta/Black shiny fashion silk stole

dark magenta/black shiny stole


Teal/Navy authentic silk foulard, source direct from silk scarves manufacturer

Teal/Navy authentic silk foulard


Royal Blue/Silver satin weave silk scarf manufacturer india

Royal Blue/Silver satin scarf


Buy two color satin reversible silk scarves from manufacturers in India | Tri Star Overseas

Attribute Details

70x200 cms


Base Material

100% Pure Silk

Weight 145 grams

(Minimum Order Quantity)

100 pieces
Colors Our Photos for reference/ your choice
Packaging Single piece poly bag/customised packaging on request
Delivery Time 5-7 days ready in-stock items/30 days for bulk orders

ODM, Custom color combinations are welcomed

These Shawls & Scarves can be made with or without fringes/tassels

Also these can be made in snood/inifinity styles

*Subject to MOQ Criteria


Please send your request for quotation at: , We'll contact you within 24 hours.

Don't forget to mention product code, quantity required and link to this web page for easy reference.

We will send you the requested catalogue and quote you prices on your company email address directly

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