Maple leaf embroidery scarves and wraps in assorted colors

Maple Leaf Embroidery Shawls


Turquoise Kashmir jamavar embroidery scarf

Turquoise Kashmiri Embroidery Scarf

Product Code: MEMB 1953

High quality turquoise paisley cutwork scarf/foulard/schal with dark embroidery stitches

Turquoise Scarf

Product Code: BWAJES 6508

Muted blue cutwork hijab scarf with unique embroidery designs

Muted Blue Hijab Scarf

Product Code: BWAJES 6563

Precision ethnic machine embroidery in paisley floral vine design on black wool shawl with frayed hem

Machine Kashmiri Embroidery

Product Code: MEMB 1263

Highlighting Paisley Embroidery boiled wool jacquard stoles and scarfs

Highlighted Pasiley Embroidery Scarf

Product Code: BWAJES 6557

Neutral gray jacquard boiled wool scarf with unique hand embroidery pattern

Neutral gray jacquard boiled wool scarf

Product Code: BWAJES 6592

Marigold antique emboidery wool shawl, broderie de laine ch´┐Żle

Marigold Floral Embroidery


Indian floral embroidery design border shawls

Floral Embroidered Border Shawl

Product Code: WEMP 256

Muted Pink boiled wool embroidery scarf

Boiled Wool Embroidery Stole/Scarf

Product Code: BWAJES 6546

Intricate, dense and elaborate paisley embroidery shawl/hijab/foulard

Dense Paisley Embroidery Scarf

Product Code: MEMB 5907

'Kashida' Kashmir embroidery in vine and flower design

Kashmiri Embroidery


Tulip embroidery Kashmir stole online

Kashmiri Tulip - Dense Embroidery Wrap

Product Code: WEMJ 1262

Three color flower vines embroidery pattern schal/scarf/wrap/foulard

Machine Kashmiri Embroidery

Product Code: MEMB 1270

Satin stitch floral hand embroidery design scarf in boiled wool

Floral Embroidery Scarf

Product Code: BWAJE 2559

Flower pot indian embroidery design shawl wrap in high contrast colors

Flower pot embroidery Shawl Wrap


Hand embroidered Aztec boiled wool jacquard scarves

Aztec Embroidered Scarf

Product Code: BWAJE 4165

Multicolor cutwork paisley boiled wool scarf with highlighting hand embroidery

Multicolored Cutwork Scarf

Product Code: BWAJES 6538

Lily Indian Embroidery Ladies Stoles

Lily Embroidery Stole


Classic autumn leaves indian embroidery large shawl wrap

Autumn Embroidery Wraps


Indian Embroidery Wool Shawls and Stoles | Tri Star Overseas

Discover our vast range of Traditional Embroideries of India in various techniques, designs and patterns on Scarves, Stoles, Hijabs, Foulards, Shawl and Wraps.

Select from different embroidery styles and patterns:


Aari Needlework Machine
Tradtional Kashmiri aari embroidery Wool Stoles Boiled wool scarfs With highlighting Hand embroidery in multiple stich styles Shawl & Wraps with machine embroidery in paisley/floral Patterns


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