Maple leaf embroidery scarves and wraps in assorted colors

Maple Leaf Embroidery Shawls


Turquoise Kashmir jamavar embroidery scarf

Turquoise Kashmiri Embroidery Scarf

Product Code: MEMB 1953

High quality turquoise paisley cutwork scarf/foulard/schal with dark embroidery stitches

Turquoise Scarf

Product Code: BWAJES 6508

Muted blue cutwork hijab scarf with unique embroidery designs

Muted Blue Hijab Scarf

Product Code: BWAJES 6563

Precision ethnic machine embroidery in paisley floral vine design on black wool shawl with frayed hem

Machine Kashmiri Embroidery

Product Code: MEMB 1263

Highlighting Paisley Embroidery boiled wool jacquard stoles and scarfs

Highlighted Pasiley Embroidery Scarf

Product Code: BWAJES 6557

Neutral gray jacquard boiled wool scarf with unique hand embroidery pattern

Neutral gray jacquard boiled wool scarf

Product Code: BWAJES 6592

Marigold antique emboidery wool shawl, broderie de laine ch´┐Żle

Marigold Floral Embroidery


Indian floral embroidery design border shawls

Floral Embroidered Border Shawl

Product Code: WEMP 256

Muted Pink boiled wool embroidery scarf

Boiled Wool Embroidery Stole/Scarf

Product Code: BWAJES 6546

Intricate, dense and elaborate paisley embroidery shawl/hijab/foulard

Dense Paisley Embroidery Scarf

Product Code: MEMB 5907

'Kashida' Kashmir embroidery in vine and flower design

Kashmiri Embroidery


Tulip embroidery Kashmir stole online

Kashmiri Tulip - Dense Embroidery Wrap

Product Code: WEMJ 1262

Three color flower vines embroidery pattern schal/scarf/wrap/foulard

Machine Kashmiri Embroidery

Product Code: MEMB 1270

Satin stitch floral hand embroidery design scarf in boiled wool

Floral Embroidery Scarf

Product Code: BWAJE 2559

Flower pot indian embroidery design shawl wrap in high contrast colors

Flower pot embroidery Shawl Wrap


Hand embroidered Aztec boiled wool jacquard scarves

Aztec Embroidered Scarf

Product Code: BWAJE 4165

Multicolor cutwork paisley boiled wool scarf with highlighting hand embroidery

Multicolored Cutwork Scarf

Product Code: BWAJES 6538

Lily Indian Embroidery Ladies Stoles

Lily Embroidery Stole


Classic autumn leaves indian embroidery large shawl wrap

Autumn Embroidery Wraps