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So Your current supplier is not able to provide you wholesale scarf printing services.

Or importing scarves from a “particular” country has become a costly affair after the Covid-19 pandemic. (increasing tarrifs, import restrictions, health/safety reasons)

Or you are simply looking for a reliable supplier that can print your designs on the material of your choice and deliver it to your doorstep.

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Printed Silk Scarves

Feel free to browse collection of digital print silk scarves exclusively manufactured by Tri Star Overseas.

Things to keep in mind while designing your custom scarf

These are the Key factors that you will need to consider when buying customized scarf from us. Read below to know more.

Steps to customize printed scarves for your clothing line/brand

#1 Considering the fabric Options

When you are about to create your custom scarf design, first thing that you need to consider is the fabric on which the design is to be printed.

There are a plethora of options when it comes to choosing the fabric option for your scarf.

  • 100% natural fabrics made from Silk, Cashmere, Merino Wool, Wool/Silk, Cotton, or Bamboo
  • Semi-synthetic fabrics made from viscose, modal (origin of fibers is natural but is partially modified by chemical processes).
  • Synthetic fabrics such as polyester

Scarves made from natural fibers such as Silk, Cashmere and Cotton have a universal appeal.  You cannot go wrong with a square silk scarf that has been custom made for your brand.

In recent times, scarves made from Modal are becoming popular due to their ease in printing and affordable price. They drape well and have a subtle sheen.

If your scarf will be used for a uniform, for instance, you may want to think about Modal or Viscose because it is an easy care material that is less delicate than silk. 

You should keep in the mind the tastes and preferences of your target consumer when deciding upon the final fabric.

If you need recommendations, We can discuss your goals and help you with deciding the fabric that will best fit your project.

#2 Deciding the shape and size of the scarf

Regardless of your decision on material, the next step would be to choose whether you want a square scarf or an oblong (rectangle) scarf. 

Both styles are wearable/versatile, however it depends on what you are looking for. 

Are you looking to offer a staple piece to your consumer’s wardrobe or something fun and fashionable? 

Design and pattern are important to take into consideration. A more neutral color without patterns whether square or oblong can be worn often without seeming repetitive. 

However a scarf with bright colors, intricate patterns, etc will be very noticeable regardless of being oblong or square.

Remember, when you design scarves you want to consider how the final imagery will be worn to be sure any critical part of the design is not upside down or facing in the wrong direction. If you are unsure, one of our designers can help you with that.

At Tri Star Overseas, you have full creative freedom when you customize your scarves. You can fine tune the final dimensions as per your specification sheet.

#3 Is your design simple or complex?

Next thing to consider is the design complexity. By complexity we are referring to the number of colors used in your design/artwork. 

You will have to see whether your design incorporates solid colors or gradients.

If the design is simple and made using solid colors traditional silk screen printing is suggested, under which a silk screen is prepared for printing sections that use the same color or ink. 

Let’s Say, your design incorporates eight colors, eight different silk screens will be required for one design.

But, in today’s scenario silk screen printing is considered inefficient. Not only the printing process is time-consuming, the increasing colors add to the cost of screens used. 

Therefore, most of the printed scarves we wear these days are printed using digital printing technology. Unlimited number of colors and speeds of upto 120m2/h which produces prints of industry standard resolution.

#4 Developing Samples

By now you should have prepared a specification sheet for your scarf project. It should contain vital details such as:

  • The base fabric of the scarf
  • Dimensions of the artwork and the layout of print onto the fabric. Also consider the bleed areas (the areas which will be cut off after printing) while designing your scarf
  • Actual artwork with colors as per pantone or CMYK codes.
  • The design file should be in either .psd (Photoshop Document), .ai (Adobe Illustrator), .Tiff (Tagged Image File Format) or a high resolution .jpeg image file format.
  • Additional customization options such as woven labels, hang tags. Your branding reference and logos in high resolution format. 
  • Quantity of scarves as per design and delivery time-frame

We will analyze your specification sheet and give you costing estimate for your project. We charge a nominal fee as initial sampling charge which is thereafter adjusted on placing a bulk order.

After confirmation, We will develop the samples as per your specifications and deliver it right at your doorstep.

It takes less than fifteen days for printing the samples and delivering them to a business located in the USA, UK and most of the European countries.

#5 Determining Costing for Wholesale scarf printing

The wholesale price of shawls and scarves depends on many factors, such as:

  • The base fabric and size of the scarf, a mulberry silk square scarf will cost more than a cotton or modal oblong scarf. 
  • The Technique used in production, a digitally printed scarf will be more economical than a screen printed scarf with 3 or more colors.
  • The quantity of scarves to be manufactured, it will cost you more when MOQ (minimum order quantity) condition for customized scarves is not met. (usually 100 pieces)
  • Value addition services such as custom labeling and hang tags, custom packaging, gift boxes, bar codes stickers. (Optional)

#6 Private Labeling & Bulk Order Delivery

When you buy scarves from us, we sew content declaration labels to your scarves at no additional cost irrespective of minimum order quantity fulfillment.

Branded woven labels can be hand-sewn to your scarves when you fulfill the minimum order quantity (MOQ), which is set according to the type of scarves that you buy. Read more about adding your logo to scarves.

There is a minimum order quantity requirement to keep the pricing competitive. That is, you will have to order a certain number of scarves to get the wholesale scarf printing and pricing.

Some of the standard sizes in which we regularly manufacture scarves and shawls are 70X180 cms, 100X200 cms, 100X100 cms and 70X70 cms.

Preferred formats for design files are .jpeg, .gif, .psd, .tiff, .Ai, .PNG with atleast 300 dpi(dots per inches).
Different materials have different minimum order quantities. Please refer to respective product page for more information.

Moreover, you can always ask for high quality samples to check the quality of scarves & shawls.

Bulk manufacturing of scarves is completed within 40-45 days from sample approval and the shipment is delivered to your location on time.


We have included answers to some frequently asked questions related to wholesale scarf printing. Hope these clear your doubts.

Yes, our simple process allows you to design scarves and shawls that are custom made for your brand.
  • We provide all kinds of OEM and ODM services as per the requirements of our buyers.
  • From weaving patterns, artwork, fabric material to woven labels, you have full freedom to customise each and every detail when you design your brand scarf.
As much as we would like to sell our scarves in retail, unfortunately we do not sell scarves to individuals directly. is not an e-commerce platform.It is an online catalogue to showcase our exquisite silk scarves, pashmina shawls, wool scarves and throws, giving you an idea what we are and have manufactured for other clients.How to order wholesale scarves from india
Sample development time depends on many factors but it can be developed in 3-15 days.
  • For instance, Digital Print Scarf can be developed in 3 days whereas a jacquard scarf can be developed within 7-10 days.
  • The bulk production of your scarves can be completed within 30-45 days from the date of sample approval.
  • This depends on quantity and complexity (embellishments, embroidery, shearing) of the finished product.
We have been in the shawl manufacturing industry for more than 50 years and have woven scarves and shawls for many reputed fashion brands, internationally.
  • We at Tri Star Overseas have a non-disclosure policy and thus your designs are not shown, shared or given for reference to any other person outside the company’s eco-system.
  • Moreover, We are also open to signing an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with you.
  • We take your privacy seriously.
This depends on the country and its custom laws to which your order will be shipped.
  • In some countries there are no additional taxes or duties levied by customs.
  • In other countries, tax and duties are levied under different circumstances, for instance, if the order value exceeds a certain threshold.
  • Yes, we can provide you with GSP/FORM A for import tax deduction on request.
  • We are registered under the new REX system replacing the existing system for the requirements of certificates of origin (Form-A)
  • Please check with your local customs office for detailed information about possible charges.
  • For in stock Items, 100% payment must be received before shipment.
  • For Out Of Stock items/Special order/ or your design, 30% deposit before production and 70% balance before delivery.
  • A nominal sample development charge is payable which is refunded on final order
We are located in Amritsar, Punjab.  Amritsar is the second-largest city and district of Punjab famous for its textile industry and pashmina shawls.There are multiple ways to reach Amritsar via air, rail and road.
  • It takes about 1h 10mins to reach Amritsar by taking a flight from Delhi. 6 Hours if you choose to travel by train.
  • 2h 40mins to reach Amritsar by taking a flight from Mumbai.
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