add your logo to custom design printed scarf in two easy ways

How to - Square Silk Scarves with Logo

This time we have really worked upon the feedback of our buyers. 

As a result, smallest detail like the hemming to the finishing of our scarves, everything has become much more refined. Overall print quality has also improved considerably.

Today we will show how you can put your company name and logo on the scarves in two simple ways:

Incorporating your logo in your design/artwork 


Using high quality custom woven labels*/hang tags

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How to Make Your Own Custom Scarves With Logo?

This blog post is about customizing scarves using woven labels and hang tags in order to add your logo to custom design printed scarf.

We recommend you to read our previous blog post to know more about key things to keep in mind when you design your customized scarves.

How to make your own custom silk scarf with logo

#1 Create Your Logo & Design as a Vector Image

You can create your custom scarf design using programs like Adobe Illustrator Corel Draw or Inkscape. These programs allow the user to export the design as a vector image format (.Ai, .Cdr, .SVG, .EPS) for maximum flexibility.

Vector images have a significant advantage over Raster images (.Jpeg, .Bmp, .GIF, PNG) when it comes to scalability, that is, vector images can scale at high resolution to virtually unlimited sizes

Say, you have a business logo saved in a vector format, it can be resized to fit on a billboard with no problems or reduced to be printed on a business card or a silk scarf without losing quality.

If a raster image file is printed at a larger dimension than what it was designed for, it will appear visibly grainy and pixelated because the dots that compose the image are forced to grow larger as the medium they’re printed on grows. 

In other words, don’t print an image from Instagram at scarf size and expect it to look as crisp as it did onscreen. 

Vector vs Raster Images

#2 Incorporating your logo in design/Artwork

The purpose of a logo is to be the face of a brand or company. Excellent logo placement will increase brand visibility and awareness.

Let’s say your brand sells luxury square silk scarves.

You would want to place the logo in such a manner so that it is first thing visible.

If your brand name is a word mark or a typographic logo, you can place it over a solid background located in corners of the square silk scarf. This approach works best for complex allover designs.


You could blend it in the design by using your logo in a color that is in contrast to the background. Best for solid color logos and designs that have negative space in between the elements.

The size of the logo should be big enough to be seen easily and not ‘shout’ at your consumers. Instead of enticing customers, you might drive them away with this ‘in your face’ approach.

This can vary if it is a part of your brand strategy. Some clothing brands sell apparel that have a logo placed right in the center of the article. It all comes down to, “how you want to project your brand image to your audience”. 

Remember, try not to overdo it. Keep it subtle.

add your logo to custom design printed scarf
One of the many ways to add your brand logo to custom design silk scarf

#3 Using High Quality Woven Labels/Hang Tags

Customized woven labels are the best way to add a professional touch to your silk scarves and remind your customers of your brand. These help your scarves to stand out in a sea of competing products, improving brand recall and overall aesthetics of the scarf.

Usually, labels are attached to garments using a sewing machine but we hand-sew your labels onto the scarves, giving it a more handcrafted feel. 

Our clients prefer the hand-sewn labels because they do not damage the expensive and delicate scarves.

add your logo to custom design printed scarf using hand-sewn labels
Labels are hand-sewn onto the scarves with utmost care

Branded Hang Tags complement the woven labels and provide additional information like origin, price and wash care instructions.

Presenting this information on the hang tag makes your brand feel more transparent and helps your customer make an informed purchase. 

Asking a fair price (alongside your brand’s story) can help educate customers on the true cost of consciously designed products. 

If there’s too much information for the space available, then a QR code will allow customers to go directly to a web page, where you can explain in detail exactly what has gone into the scarf they are holding in their hands.

add your logo to custom design printed scarf using hang tags
Branded Hand Tags along with woven labels make your scarves stand out from the competition.

#4 How much does it cost?

When you buy scarves from us, we sew content declaration labels to your scarves at no additional cost irrespective of minimum order quantity fulfillment.

Branded woven labels can be hand-sewn to your scarves when you fulfill the minimum order quantity (MOQ), which is set according to the type of scarves that you buy.

Hang Tags can be attached to these woven labels at a nominal charge of $150 for 1000 pieces. That comes to $0.15 a piece, making branding effective and economical. 

You can let us know if you have any special requirements regarding customization options.

We will analyze your specification sheet and give you costing estimate for your project. After confirmation, We will develop the samples as per your specifications and deliver them right to your doorstep.

It takes less than a week for printing the samples and delivering them to a business located in the USA, UK and most of the European countries.


Printed scarves or Woven scarves, you decide!

You can add your logo to custom design printed scarf or a woven jacquard scarf. If your design/artwork is suitable for jacquard weaving, we can turn it into a woven scarf. 

It can made from silk, wool, cotton, modal or even cashmere.

In this post we explained how easy is it to customize scarves and shawls by adding your company name or logo.

The scarves with your logo and artwork can be sold under your fashion brand, at your store/boutique, given away as a freebie on promotional events or charity fundraiser projects.


We have included answers to some frequently asked questions on how to add your logo to custom design printed scarf. Hope these clear your doubts.

Yes, we can do white-labeling on our scarves. A service using which you can add your company name/logo on our scarves, effectively re-branding them under your name.

We sew generic woven labels that declare material composition/content to all our scarves whenever you order them. If your order meets our MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), we can sew branded labels at no additional cost.

We can also add branded hang tags for a nominal cost.

Sample development time depends on many factors but it can be developed in 3-15 days.
  • For instance, Digital Print Scarf can be developed in 3 days whereas a jacquard scarf can be developed within 7-10 days.
  • The bulk production of your scarves can be completed within 30-45 days from the date of sample approval.
  • This depends on quantity and complexity (embellishments, embroidery, shearing) of the finished product.
  • For in stock Items, 100% payment must be received before shipment.
  • For Out Of Stock items/Special order/ or your design, 30% deposit before production and 70% balance before delivery.
  • A nominal sample development charge is payable which is refunded on final order
This depends on the country and its custom laws to which your order will be shipped.
  • In some countries there are no additional taxes or duties levied by customs.
  • In other countries, tax and duties are levied under different circumstances, for instance, if the order value exceeds a certain threshold.
  • Yes, we can provide you with GSP/FORM A for import tax deduction on request.
  • We are registered under the new REX system replacing the existing system for the requirements of certificates of origin (Form-A)
  • Please check with your local customs office for detailed information about possible charges.
We have been in the shawl manufacturing industry for more than 50 years and have woven scarves and shawls for many reputed fashion brands, internationally.
  • We at Tri Star Overseas have a non-disclosure policy and thus your designs are not shown, shared or given for reference to any other person outside the company’s eco-system.
  • Moreover, We are also open to signing an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with you.
  • We take your privacy seriously.
As much as we would like to sell our scarves in retail, unfortunately we do not sell scarves to individuals directly. is not an e-commerce platform.It is an online catalogue to showcase our exquisite silk scarves, pashmina shawls, wool scarves and throws, giving you an idea what we are and have manufactured for other clients.How to order wholesale scarves from india
We are located in Amritsar, Punjab.  Amritsar is the second-largest city and district of Punjab famous for its textile industry and pashmina shawls.There are multiple ways to reach Amritsar via air, rail and road.
  • It takes about 1h 10mins to reach Amritsar by taking a flight from Delhi. 6 Hours if you choose to travel by train.
  • 2h 40mins to reach Amritsar by taking a flight from Mumbai.
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